New CT Scanner

The Hospital’s CT Scanner is Faster, Safer, Clearer

Modern CT scanning technology is advancing on two fronts: improving image quality and reducing radiation doses. At Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, the GE LightSpeed VCT machine does both.

In full geek-speak, the Hospital’s new CT scanner is a high-volume, high-speed, low-dose, 64-slice x-ray computed tomography machine. The higher volume means the Hospital’s scanner can comfortably accommodate larger patients. The higher speed means it can scan the entire human body much faster than its predecessors n a feature patients will appreciate even as they rest on its new and more ergonomic table design. The 64-slice technology means that doctors can view three-dimensional images with a quality and resolution far beyond what was available to them before. And the low-dose design means these superior images are created with about 40 percent less radiation.

The Hospital’s CT scanner is so fast and so flexible, in fact, that it provides doctors with an excellent tool for performing real-time scans when stroke is suspected.

In sum, this CT scanner represents a generational advance in equipment for the radiology department.

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